Christmas 2020 is nearly upon us. While this year has been different from any other, everyone still wants to adorn their home with trees, decorations and lights, right? In terms of electrics, Christmas is a dangerous time. But it doesn’t have to be. Here at ETR, we have gathered a few top tips for staying safe at Christmas. 

Christmas Decorations

Your decorations are used for a short period of time every year, so it is good to start by testing them prior to use. Also, if you store them in a damp, uncovered place such as your garage, you may want to consider grabbing a few new lights for this year. 

Have a read over ETR’s top tips for safety putting up your decorations. 

  • Always read the instructions and retain them for future use
  • Replace failed lamps immediately, make sure you only use replacement lamps of the same type and rating – if lamps are not replaceable, the whole unit may need replacing.
  • Make sure your outdoor lighting is connected to an RCD protected socket, this reduces the risk of electric shock and fires. 
  • Check any electrics outside are plugged into weatherproof sockets.
  • Don’t overload power sockets, this can lead to overheating and fires
  • Switch your lights off when you are asleep or out of the house.

Christmas Tree Fires

Christmas tree fires are usually caused by bad electrics on dry trees. Here’s how to prevent them. 

  • If you have a fake Christmas tree, make sure it is fire resistant
  • Check your smoke alarm once a month to ensure it is working properly 
  • Water your tree daily; dry trees are more likely to catch fire. 
  • Check your Christmas tree lights for frayed wires
  • Switch your Christmas tree lights off before leaving the house or going to bed

Use LED lights

We recommend you use LED lights on your tree. Not only do they operate at a very low voltage, they reduce the risk of electric shock and use 80-90% less electricity to run. They are also made of more durable materials.

Staying safe this Christmas just got ten times easier. We use a lot of electrical appliances that we wouldn’t normally use during the festive season, but with our quick guide for safely decorating your house, you can’t go wrong. 


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